The Amgen Biotech Experience programme features a series of hands-on molecular laboratory techniques that we have adapted for delivery in Irish classrooms to senior cycle pupils. In conjunction with the Irish Science Teachers Association (ISTA), the ABE-Ireland team worked closely with an Irish teacher involved in the revision of the senior cycle biology curriculum to ensure that these laboratory practicals would support delivery of the practical elements in the revised syllabus.

Lab 1: Microvolumetric Pipetting

Highlight the extremely small volumes required in many laboratory techniques by getting students to deliver minute volumes accurately and consistently.

Lab 3: Restriction Digest

Learn how to use ‘molecular scissors’ (restriction enzymes) to cut DNA.

Lab 2: DNA Electrophoresis

Introduce DNA profiling by solving a criminal case study using DNA separation by gel electrophoresis.

Lab 4: Ligation

Discover how to put the pieces of DNA together again using ligation enzymes